How It Works

What is

Each message is different and it is just for you. the message is selected on what we call a “guided” basis.

Some things are true whether you believe them or not

Surprise Sermon is the first service of its kind in the world.

It is created to give you a message Divinely tailored just for you.

Each message is selected by the computer from thousands of messages.  If you clicked SURPRISE SERMON, every day for a year it is unlikely that you will hear the same message twice and if you do, there is a reason you need to hear it again.

This is why we ask YOU to pray and ask God to send you what you need RIGHT NOW!  Nothing is random but God will send His angels to guide the service just for you.

This is Biblical

The casting of what seemed to be random lots chose priests, their land, and their duties.  John’s father, Zacharias was burning incense in the temple because of the casting of lots. (Luke 1:9)  The disciples even cast lots to choose a replacement disciple. (Acts 1:26)

Surprise Sermon works on the same principle, that God will guide what appears to be random chance.  Just as God controlled the lots, He controls what message you receive with your Surprise Sermon.  Try it before you judge.

Nothing is random and we truly believe and have seen how the hand of God still moves in mysterious ways.

You will experience the message of a live service as if you were sitting there, but with the convenience of participating from the comfort and ease of wherever you are.

You can attend when YOU get ready, regardless of weather, time of day, location, your work schedule, transportation, or how you are dressed.

Sure, usually it’s better to be with us or another church live but Surprise Sermon is the next best thing.  There are many instances where Surprise Sermon could actually be better if you got the EXACT WORD you needed.  We hope that you can join us one day for a live service but until then, we are honored to have you join us in the virtual world.

There are NO REQUIREMENTS.  You do not have to register or do anything else.  You do not have to tithe, give an offering or donate anything.  Just as with a regular church, what you do is up to you and fully voluntary.


Before you click SURPRISE SERMON, pray for God to send you the EXACT message that you need.

Also, ask God to give you the strength and obedience

to do what He leads you to do.

You will be amazed how the message is just what you needed.

It’s no accident.

It’s Surprise Sermon

Church Wherever YOU Are

Come see what God has to say to you today